In brief

Eternal Pets is owned and operated by Paul and Eva Wood (with help from young daughter Emily). Both Paul and Eva have the passion, dedication and love of animals for this important role of dignity and respect for your pet on their passing, and care and compassion for you in your time of loss.

Paul and Eva became involved in this business after having their beloved Dog "BUZI" cremated and the difference it made in their grieving process. So they have great empathy for you in this sad time.

Buzi, our Ridgeback Cross

BUZI, our beloved Ridgeback Cross, always in our hearts.


What does the cremation process consist of?  
All pets bodies, like humans, are largely made up of water which is vapourised during the cremation process because of the high temperatures involved. Your pet's body is reduced to ash called "cremains"* and these are returned to you in your choice of urn.
How can I be sure that my pet's ashes will be returned?  
We have in place a quality control system which ensures protection and identity of your pet from the time of collection to the return of your pet's ashes.  The Code of Practice under which we operate is your guarantee that your pet is individually cremated.
Will you collect my deceased pet from home?  
We will collect your deceased pet on a 7 day a week basis, from Hobart and surrounding areas. Depending on where you live, a fee may be charged for home collection. 
What is the normal return time of my pet's ashes?  
You can expect your pet's ashes to be returned within 1 to 2 days. However, should you require, we can arrange to return the ashes to your home or vet on the same day.
What does the cremation service include?
Collection of your pet from your Vet or home, cremation and return of ashes. This service includes the return of ashes in a quality velvet bag together with a memorial card. 

If your preference is for an urn, we offer handmade timber urns or metal paw-print urns which you can purchase through us. We would be happy to discuss your choice at any time.

 * "cremains"  - the ashes that remain after your pet has been cremated