In brief

Eternal Pets is owned and operated by Paul and Eva Wood (with help from young daughter Emily). Both Paul and Eva have the passion, dedication and love of animals for this important role of dignity and respect for your pet on their passing, and care and compassion for you in your time of loss.

Paul and Eva became involved in this business after having their beloved Dog "BUZI" cremated and the difference it made in their grieving process. So they have great empathy for you in this sad time.

Buzi, our Ridgeback Cross

BUZI, our beloved Ridgeback Cross, always in our hearts.



Cremation Authorisation Certificate  

The following link will open the Certificate required to authorise Eternal Pets to cremate your pet.    
Your Veterinarian will normally take care of this formality on your behalf. However, you may choose to download a copy of this certificate, complete the details and give it to your Vet, who will then contact us.