In brief

Eternal Pets is owned and operated by Paul and Eva Wood (with help from young daughter Emily). Both Paul and Eva have the passion, dedication and love of animals for this important role of dignity and respect for your pet on their passing, and care and compassion for you in your time of loss.

Paul and Eva became involved in this business after having their beloved Dog "BUZI" cremated and the difference it made in their grieving process. So they have great empathy for you in this sad time.

Buzi, our Ridgeback Cross

BUZI, our beloved Ridgeback Cross, always in our hearts.



Services and Prices

Pricing of cremation is determined by the weight of your pet. 

0   to 10 Kg             =   $250
10 to 45 Kg             =   $350
45 to 80 Kg             =   $450
Above 80 Kg           phone for price

Our service includes collection of your pet from your veterinary practice, cremation, return of ashes in a quality velvet bag with a memorial card, and return of your pet's ashes to your vet or your home. You may choose to have your pet's ashes packaged in an urn selected from our range, or ask your vet for details.

Additional Fees and Surcharges

  • Depending on your location, an additional fee may be charged for home collection.
  • There is a $100 fee added for any collections made outside of normal business hours of 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. 
  • A $200 surcharge applies for public holidays. There is no surcharge if organised through your vet.

Service Dogs

"Service Dogs"  will be given a 50% discount off standard cremation rate upon production of Service Dog ID or documentation for verification.

Service Dogs are specially trained to provide assistance to people with disabilities and include Guide Dogs, Hearing Dogs, Mobility Assistance Dogs. Other Service Dogs include Police / Defence Force and Quarantine dogs.